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amazing what a little vibrato can do to make a glorified arduino sound more human

That Buffalo Tops market you might have heard about today was smack dab in the middle of what would otherwise be a food desert, and a community that's already hurting might not have easy or any access to food for a bit if it has to close. Now is as good as any time to pitch in:



Tidal Wave Games podcast islive right now with the TTRPG "You Work For V*nce McM*hon," which is exactly what it sounds like! twitch.tv/OnslaughtSix

with every passing day i am more and more certain that i will drive out to Chicago once it's safe just to play that R360 G-Loc cabinet. life is way too short not to

img source: SEGAotaku on twitter

It's not 100% working yet and it's already kind of falling apart but...

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Good morning-ish everyone! Hope you're all enjoying Mastodon. For your viewing pleasure, I present to you, a photo of my Epson HX-20. Considered to be the first laptop computer, it used a pair of Hitachi 6301 CPUs running at about 600kHz. Yes, that's a built-in printer and micro-cassette tape drive.

Have a great day, everyone!

it’s weird revisiting Wii games. my folks had a Wii years ago but i only just have my own for the first time now after years of not having one. feels weird seeing this console that used to be unimaginable science fiction to kid me now hooked up to a CRT along with all my other old crap now. it’s as far back now as the N64 was when it came out. i don’t like that!

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i also don't think i ever beat it as a kid? i know i got to Wizeman but didn't realize you were supposed to use the transformation mask things back then. when you do that, it's just as easy as Wizeman was on the Saturn

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Just rolled credits on Will's half of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for the Wii. i played it years before the original NiGHTS so a lot of nods to the first that went completely over my head as a kid got me all emotional this time around. i stand by my list of gripes with the game but i'm still glad it exists!

sometimes (always) we run a little late, but we're starting NOW

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My friend Onslaught Six recently released an easy to play TTRPG called SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY... that we play most Saturdays at 6 EST, including today in about 15 minutes! If you're looking for a good laugh or want to see how the game works, please tune in! twitch.tv/OnslaughtSix

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Leprous - Mirage

...but made with #ProTracker for the #Amiga.

Only the vocal samples are from Leprous, the rest is made with my own samples.

Not sure if I'll ever finish this, because the changing rhythm makes it hard not to exceed the pattern limit.

at any rate now it seems a lot more obvious why these things always seemed to lead to unexpected crashes, deleting all my easy unearned progress!

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i had no idea how those old cheat devices worked but this post on writing a DS cheat code was very interesting. seems like these cheat devices have their own bytecode (or is it just DS machine language?) and run their program on every frame. i wonder how that worked out for games that max out CPU cycles! reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/

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some earlier discussion about Balan (it's a good game i will die on this hill) got me to dust off the NiGHTS game for the Wii. i always wished there was a hack to let you skip cutscenes and sidemissions, and it only just occurred to me that a hack would be overkill and you could probably just do that easy with two AR codes

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with all the people i know who are into reverse engineering, it's interesting how i have never seen any discussion on writing action replay/gameshark/genie codes. is that because it's too basic/boring, or are those devices just not in vogue anymore? do they even make ARs anymore?

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