Milestone! HAM samples compile and run on emulator as well as hardware on the latest GCC / newlib toolchain. (Happy dance)

@emanuel Ah yes, I recall now. Another thing I plan on looking into soon (: GBA was/is a fun platform (:

@Truck I hope to be able to use it to release a GBA intro for Revision. Cu there I suppose?

@emanuel Yes. Though I do not have tickets yet, that is in today's plan.

Would be very cool to see a gba demo again (:

@emanuel Well, thanks, but I'll just slightly correct that to "it would not be complete without _friends._" It could even not have demos, but that would just... not be something friends would do to each other.

@Truck indeed, i am grateful for every minute of the party. I ll get in touch there and if there’s something to show, I ll give you a peak. Don’t stress :-)

@emanuel Actually, I'd be even more interested if I could see the workflow setup as well (:

But again, no stress, only if it fits into the release schedule. Afterward is fine too, having a "ooh! I know something about this" surprize is also fun.

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