3.0 update log - Next milestone reached - C++ compiler / linker / execution environment now work with the latest GNU tools.

@emanuel are there any emacs packages that are needed for this?

Are there any that are optional?

@Truck course not. Just used it to display the source. HAM is very simple to use, and has near zero dependencies in the distribution.

@emanuel Had brain issue there, forgot this is C, not assembly (:

(I have issues with the assembly modes in emacs, they are very... um... not well designed for 68000, 6502, and I would imagine arm.)

@Truck there are still some things to work out now, but I am hopeful I can show you the tool chain at Revision - or even release it around that time. I think you ll be very pleased how easy it is to get things up and running. Ease of use getting stuff running is the number one priority of HAM.

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