Got my CPC464 DDI-5 and it works a charm! My first ever computer now pimped to the max. Respect @ Zaxon for producing it ! (Even if one of the devices was DOA)

@emanuel Excellent! Do you have just the green monitor for it, or does it also do color?

(I have understood some of the CRT's were monochrome only, and that appears to be one of them.)

Speaking of monochrome screens - have you had any issues with your Vectrex screen? Mine seems to... not want to turn on. A friend had a similar issue but it actually turned on after about 10 minutes - so he had another friend look at it and apparently some sort of electronic thing has worn out on his, and they replaced it. Thinking I should try to do the same with mine...

@Truck yea, green Monitor - but I kind of like it like that. As a kid, i had the CTM640 color monitor. Nowadays, I ll use a SCART lead. On the Vectrex, I got two of them, the pictured one also stopped turning on very recently. I shall hunt this down at me workbench. Finding the time is the limiting factor (same for HAM)

@emanuel Funny, fellow at work was selling that same QNAP 4 bay thing (and another earlier model) and I took both (:

Only one had drives, so now I am trying to figure out whether I buy drives now, or wait til after Christmas or some sale (:

Because: time! Yes, I will only have time for the next 2 weeks, meaning everything will need to be done then, and... yeah. No. No time, still.

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