Oh no. my old but awesome MBP17 (2011 model) no longer boots and displays colored stripes. Is this a loose GFX chip? Was broken after a long car ride. Anyone ran into this ?

@emanuel gfx daughterboard, more than likely. I also had that in a machine that was given to me; as a result of having other machines around I didn't get it repaired.

It _should_ be able to be repaired, but Apple will want to push you to buy a new one. It used to be when you explained to Apple folks "Look, I _want_ one. I can't _afford_ one, and I want to keep using Apple's products, but if I can't repair this one, I'll have to use something else, and I don't _want_ to." they would bring out the upgrades and be sure you were fixed and able to continue to remain working for whatever budget you had.

Not sure if that exists in the Intel era, I think it does not, to be honest.

My 2003 ppc ibook still works 100%. Only one Intel laptop left, a macbook air, all the rest have had exploding battery syndrome.

My ppc mac minis run MorphOS, of course (:

@Truck thanks a lot for that. I figure it must be the logic board. But oh look, after taking it apart and reseating all the things :-D what a beauty.

@emanuel Fantastic (:

BTW, if you ever want to dual boot it, I find refind an excellent eufi boot loader. It'll respect osX's loading, Windows, and can load Grub or Linux kernels directly. (I have to try OpenBSD, I think it will "just work" though (: )
And it will allow you to bypass Apple's silly usb booting restrictions (: At least - well - I have a thunderbolt booting osX at least (: But on an Air from a few years after that, I think. Maybe same year. Dunno (:

@emanuel the refind pages are a treasure trove of information about uefi as well, and ... I really should get him some money... I may already have but I should again (:

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