wondering what would be the best way for collecting fragments of how-tos, workarounds, feedback, test results and other unstructured documentation on our products. i'm thinking an email address per product that is then moderated and added to a website per product (incl. attachments). other ideas?


@mntmn @vertigo what kind of staff are the contributors, how many people?

@emanuel @vertigo i think basically anyone (external too) who made a noteworthy discovery about a product (bugfix/problem solution, interesting hack, workaround, compatibility result) should be able to add this as a text w/ optional images

@mntmn I d go for a slightly more structured approach using a web form. This way, you can collect critical taxonomy information on the content submitted, this will rapidly speed up curation. Also, different kinds of content may need different required fields. I understand you want to keep it simple, but I would structure the information a bit at creation time. There are tons of „form builder“ packages available free and non free.

@emanuel i agree, homing in on that approach. it's no problem for me to write such a frontend + image processor, if there's nothing i can just reuse. (only FOSS/self hosted is acceptable for this)

@mntmn have not checked in detail + might be overkill, but maybe there’s a Form Builder Nextcloud app for this, or you could even use a shared document people would write into directly (there’s a version history so no data loss). I have been surprised just how many use cases Nextcloud and it’s FOSS app ecosystem covers for me as of recent. (used it for many years)

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