Gotta love the NUC Hades Canyon. For larger backup/file distribution, I have currently connected: 2*2TB NVMe internal , 1*2TB external, 1TB SSD and 17TB in 4 external HDDs. Total storage: 24TB - crazy when you think about it. It all just works, too. I can very much recommend this model to run Linux on.

@emanuel Is that the one with the skull on the top?

If so, I have one, and it's sweet.

Only issue I've had: NOTHING knows what to do with the AMD+INTEL gpu. Because it's AMD _and_ Intel. And that's... "no that doesn't exist" 'it's right there' "Nope.gif" "IT'S RIGHT THERE" "brain assplode"

Which, well, was only a real issue when I wanted to use it for covid folding...

I've got 3 displays hanging off of mine now and have hooked up a 4th and 5th just to prove I could...

@Truck yep - its one of those - - up to 6 4k displays, but what i really love is using it without any display at all. As the system is designed to cool the CPU+GPU combined dye, running it with no GPU keeps it whisper quiet and cool, while providing very good performance (the best i have ever seen in a small form factor). Fast cores, 2 NVMe slots, 2 Ethernet cards, etc. It's a great package, and runs many of my services without fail for ~3yrs, 24/7.

@emanuel Yeah, Leblane got one to replace his laptop - because laptops these days have keyboards that SUUUUCK and carrying around one of those, plus a portable display, plus a good keyboard was just as easy with a good backpack.

And then I had to get one because "I can stuff 32 gb in there and run tons of virtual machines ok I'm in"

(And that is when, on the 2nd 32 gb machine I have, I noted that all Electron apps are garbage - and stopped using them because "nope, you may not have 32gb. That is for me to use as I wish. NOT you." Yes, I was testing the Amiga VS Code dev environment and "what the hell, why is FS-Uae starving for memory")

Now the issue you WILL have is one of the ethernet cards is a CRAP chipset and will NOT do the full published speed spec. Leblane has basically tested this becuase he noted severe lack of performance, and... I'm not sure which it is but ONE has crap performance and the other does not. So, don't use it for a router (:

@Truck I use it as a VM host, too (this toot, amongst many things, is served from it :-). The ethernet card issue is interesting, have not noticed it, will stay alert to it. That said, my Ethernet performance requirements are modest for now.

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