Let me tell you about the last time I used RAID-5 in 4 disk array:

When one of my disks died a sudden death, I swiftly popped in a new one and kicked off the resync process, which took about 48 hours to complete.

14 minutes(!) after the resync finished a second disk died.

Lesson 1: RAID-5 is pretty useless. When a disk dies you have no more redundancy during the extremely stressful RAID recovery.

Lesson 2: RAID is not an alternative to backups.

@fribbledom I've always just kept all my stuff on one disk and occasionally backed it up to another, or in the last 10 years or so to a cloud thing. I've never messed around with RAID because someone described it to me once and I went "OK so you buy two hard drives, same sort, probably from the same batch, put 'em in the same box, with the same vibration, the same heat cycles, doing the same wear to each... that's not backup, that's figuring out the tolerances at the hard drive factory."

RAID is never a backup.
It just do:
1. make the storage larger, or
2. make read/write speedier, or
3. make the data more sustainable

But no, RAID is not a backup.
@ifixcoinops @fribbledom

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