Got this Baby for free from a colleague at work. Retro beauty from 2004, 1.8Ghz single proc dual core PPC. 10.5 Leopard works fine. Just attempted a MorphOS install and for the first time, fans kicked in at full speed. Amazingly loud and powerful, good fun and Stunning kit this. So far, I am whitescreening with MorphOS. May play more with it soon.

@emanuel hmm; clear the PRAM ? It may be doing some goofy things with some variables in the open firmware.

(Assuming it gets to open firmware...)

@Truck that did not help unfortunately. Seems my late 2004 model is officially supported though. I ll dig into it as time allows.

@Truck oh damn. i was unlucky, i happen to have one of the incompatible G5 Powermacs. (9,1) - may be out of luck with MorphOS

@emanuel Well that's... dissapointing. I wonder if any of mine are that model...

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