My “free G5” progress: found that I have a fairly shitty model (9,1) but giving it a go. Fitted SSD, upped RAM to 2GB, added 1TB HDD for Time Machine, Running 10.5.8 and Tigerbrew, CS4 is surprisingly zippy even on a singlecore machine. I think the quad core, 2.5GHz version would be quite a beast in comparison. May fetch one for kicks. @Truck you got one of those?

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@emanuel I _think_ I do. I have to ... check (: and that means doing some ... I have about 3 projects of "machines" going on right now and actually that's a problem because it's too similar to "work" and thus causing stress ):

but "not finishing" causes stress too.

Or, you know. What the Danes call 'straff'

@Truck nothing is further from what i want than causing you stress. So kindly ignore and sit on your stack'o'mac :-) i ll do my research. Also, i may just get one of the good ones anyway, they are pretty cheap and good looking.

@emanuel yeah not ... not saying you were causing stress, just saying why I won't be getting to it anytime in the near future.

Which makes me sad but it's what has to happen.

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