More special controllers I have unearthed again to play with my daughter - the incredible Samba de Amigo for Sega Dreamcast by Sonic Team.

@emanuel wait, it had a MAT?

Mine doesn't ahve a mat!

But yes. This is one of the best games of all time. And yes, the controllers are nothing close to a wii controller. Doesn't matter, for the time, they were a marvel.

/me is hearing the Samba de Amigo theme in his head now

@emanuel um

I just had to check that my ACA500+ was still behind me because your CF cards look _exactly_ like mine

@Truck I think the original Sega controller works really well. The clones are fairly shit. And yes, the original Sega one comes with the mat.

@emanuel I got mine from ... Melwyn, I think. I don't know where his mat went (:

The original is a great controller and I really, really need something that will take that input and change it to usb so I can use it on other machines.

I also need to get my devkit back from rebb/trsi (:

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