Would anyone be interested in testing a bunch of messaging platforms and apps with me? I'm planning to go in-depth with (in no particular order) Jami, Briar, Cwtch, Matrix, Signal, Session, IRC, XMPP, Mattermost, Rocket.Chat, Zulip, Tox, Threema, DeltaChat, Revolt, and possibly some others.

Reply to this and I'll pong you with details when I'm gearing up for it :02smile:

@amolith what is/are the goal(s) of the test? I will not touch many of those with a stick, but curious what you are trying to achieve. Yours, fellow self Hoster, Emanuel

@emanuel I want to give myself and any who are interested a way to test platforms with a larger group of people. For example, I've wanted to try Briar in the past and see how it might work with some friends, but there are too few existing users to give it a fair shake. With a bunch of people intentionally setting out to try things as a group, that becomes much easier.

I'm already quite familiar with *most* of those platforms but I know a lot of people aren't and would appreciate the opportunity to test them with others.

> I will not touch many of those with a stick
I'm curious why :bunthink:

@amolith Hey Amolith it may seem really lame, but reflecting on it, i would have been better served not saying this / might cause a shitstorm dissecting this publically - and i do not have the time & desire to manage any of that. If you want,I ll gladly have a chat about it with you. Your or my BBB? plz DM me

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