Oh no! My Pioneer Laseractive died today. Short buzz / bang inside, smoke et all, no more picture, still not sure which of the low voltage boards is affected. I hope I can fix it. If you know anyone that could help to bring it back to life, please DM me. Would even travel with it to get it fixed.

@jelora @mmu_man certainly, though i am not too sure if that‘s the problem. I suspect its one of the low voltage boards, as the system will still show some sign of life when turned on.

@emanuel @mmu_man
I thought it might be one of the power supply that exploded
The chip looks bad ... :(

@jelora @mmu_man i ll try to spend some time on the weekend to dismantle it. You got a Laseractive, too?

@jelora @mmu_man thanks for having a look. Makes me very sad, the Laseractive is a great showpiece of my collection, and i take my hobby quite seriously … this could be a hard / lengthy repair…

@jelora @mmu_man thank you for looking at it ! Here are some initial shots. Noteworthy that the lonely chip on the top board heated up a lot ( left a burnt stain on top of the chip)

@tavernejohnjohn @matiu_bidule 1/2 - Power + Drive front button lights come on, no picture. No function. LD reader position slowly moves outwards, constantly. Picture worked, then flickered a few times, then I smelt a stench from drive area and observed tiny bit of smoke from underneath the drive laser - since then it’s black screening. You can see Video out display sync coming up though, have oscilloscope to verify on-site.

@tavernejohnjohn @matiu_bidule 2/2 Not sure which board is affected. I swapped in a known good spare laser sled full unit, makes no difference, same symptoms. Finally on the top board (out side) there is a chip that burnt / got super hot, the only IC in the right upper corner on the outside of the top board. Currently, I don’t dare power it up again without first disconnecting logic boards.

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