MacOS Classic (68k/PPC) - I have so far neglected most on the platform, despite having the hardware and OS. Any suggestions for top gaming experiences to check out, despite the very obvious (Marathon, classic LucasArts, Civilization, SimCity) ? Would be thrilled to get some suggestions, as I don’t know the library of games.

@emanuel really, you should check out the rest of the other titles from Ambrosia Software too.

@emanuel A little known outfit called Bungie were a legendary developer, their Marathon FPS was the Mac’s answer to Doom. I wonder what ever happened to them? 😀

@emanuel Oops I somehow missed that in your list. My bad! There were also a lot of HyperCard adventures but I forget the names of them 😞

@chrisgervais ah yes, i played that on Amiga ECS back in the day - good to know its on macOS. Hopefully more than 16 colors - will check it, thank you!

@emanuel Most of AmbrosiaSw titles: Barrack, Mars Rising, Pop Pop, Bubble Ghost, Harry the handsome executive

@emanuel In case you can’t read your handwriting of serials on the original receipts any longer <ahem> there’s help:

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