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Rare moment when I have time to play some games. Fire Emblem Gaiden NES EN translated version on a Twin famicom. Impressive graphics, recommended!

@Truck I use it as a VM host, too (this toot, amongst many things, is served from it :-). The ethernet card issue is interesting, have not noticed it, will stay alert to it. That said, my Ethernet performance requirements are modest for now.

@Truck yep - its one of those - - up to 6 4k displays, but what i really love is using it without any display at all. As the system is designed to cool the CPU+GPU combined dye, running it with no GPU keeps it whisper quiet and cool, while providing very good performance (the best i have ever seen in a small form factor). Fast cores, 2 NVMe slots, 2 Ethernet cards, etc. It's a great package, and runs many of my services without fail for ~3yrs, 24/7.

Gotta love the NUC Hades Canyon. For larger backup/file distribution, I have currently connected: 2*2TB NVMe internal , 1*2TB external, 1TB SSD and 17TB in 4 external HDDs. Total storage: 24TB - crazy when you think about it. It all just works, too. I can very much recommend this model to run Linux on.


Right, this Christmas demo has no right to be as good as it is.

(Franky's ChipsnBricks show played it, and that would be a capture from real hardware, I would wait for that if you do not have a c64 to run this on. Other captures, such as from the party, are either not on real hardware or may have some... I hear there are some odd things which occured during the party that may affect the viewing. It's still amazing if that's the only one you can see, but it won't be as it will be elsewhere later this week when Franky has time to upload.)

(The humor in it includes a picture of Santa Jules saying 'Play Last Christmas one more time' (implied I dare ya) ) so may not be suitable for kids.

@Drops interesting observation. Is this a public feed one could look at?

@profoundlynerdy thanks a lot. I was surprised how well it worked. I guess it would work well also on SSDs if you strip the chassis and place the iron on the chips directly.

1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Understand what's so hard about making wheels
3. Observe how a round wheel someone invented a while ago performs better than your square one.
4. Appreciate the brilliant and simple solutions to all wheel design issues that a round wheel implements.
5. Throw away your square wheel.

1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Push it to production

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@Aarkon yes, but thats not as fun as this quirky german words ("Holzhammermethode" is similar in meaning to "steamroller tactics")- see

@wolf480pl once I have time, I ll try to get SMART stat on that drive and will post here.

@wolf480pl oh I forgot. It returned critical sector read errors hmm 1 for every 20GB, usually only on very large files.

@wolf480pl it was indeed a 970evo 2TB (the one under the Hammer :-) . The one pictured is the replacement, a 970evo plus 2TB. That said, I worked that drive hard for 2 years, it powers a 32GB RAM Server with 7 VMs running 24/7 with pretty much everything I host. Mail Server, Nextcloud, Mastodon, many more things. The drive was 70% full and still worked when cooled AND copies were artificially slowed down to <200MB/s.

@thor Hammer time indeed 🙂 The method is even fairly effective. After 30 minutes, the iron part was ~40 degree celsius. The machine you are seeing actually hosts the Mastodon instance i am writing from, meaning the data migration is now done thanks to Hammertime.

"Holzhammermethode" - managed to rescue data off a failing NVMe in my server with a massive hammer (it helped to cool it to allow getting the data off the drive) 😀

Relevant! iOS Zero Click (patched May 2020) exploit via WIFI radio -> details released. These are the really relevant ones. Might have pwned the whole world with nearly no one knowing.

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