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New public facing service. My own instance of privacy oriented meta search engine , read more about it here: - it may get restricted to German geo location shortly.

With online tracking, license plate readers, and facial recognition, cash transactions are just about the only things not tracked by corporations or the government. Call me a cashless economy skeptic

3.0 update log - Next milestone reached - C++ compiler / linker / execution environment now work with the latest GNU tools.

Toshiba rant: If you are tempted to buy a large USB HDD, do NOT get the Toshiba Canvio Basic 4TB. It's write speed is abysmal for some reason, no matter what format or system you use (continously decreases from the expected 100MB/s after writing a few GB of data, down to **less than 1MB/s** :-( ) - a quick search reveals i am not alone with this problem - Returning mine asap. Any tips for a good 4TB, 2.5 inch external drive?

Opensauce adventures: Needed to apply a patch to a Linux kernel module to make my DVB-S hardware more reliable. (if you care at all, it's this: ) Was surprised at how relatively simple i could patch and compile the latest upstream 5.1rc1 Linux kernel, install it on my distro and just have it all work on first try.

Reminder: if you don't use JavaScript, you don't get crashes. And don't need loading screens.

I'm liking this post:

New BitLocker attack puts laptops storing sensitive data at risk - New Zealand security researcher details never-before-seen attack for recovering BitLocker keys. more:

Milestone! HAM samples compile and run on emulator as well as hardware on the latest GCC / newlib toolchain. (Happy dance)

3.0 update: finally managed to get binutils, GCC 8.3 (C and C++) plus libraries compiled for good old GBA within the HAM compiler creation scripts. Newlib 3.1 seems to be compiling fine, too... anxious to see how long until GBA target compilation will work.

Geeky crosscompiler compilation log - upgrading my HAM GBA devkit from 2004 to 2019 versions of GCC, Newlib et all. #1 arm-thumb-elf Target no longer exists, so arm-none-eabi it is #2 GCC on Arm will not compile with new(ish) systems like GCC stack smashing protection, so —disable-libssp More to follow

WinRAR patches 19-year-old security vulnerability that put millions at risk - WinRAR has patched a 19-year-old security vulnerability that allowed attackers to extract malicious ... more:

CERT/CC Warns of Vulnerabilities in Marvell Avastar Wireless SoCs - The CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has issued a vulnerability note providing information on ... more:

Berlin Central Library: the category „Data Protection friendly technologies“ and the available contents at a glance :-)

18446744073709551616 or Eighteen quintillion, four hundred forty six quadrillion, seven hundred forty four trillion, seventy three billion, seven hundred nine million, five hundred fifty one thousand, six hundred sixteen is the number of possible 64bit Postgres Transaction IDs - if you use 1 million of them per second, it still lasts for nearly 300.000 years.

In case anyone might remember, I authored the HAM Gameboy Advance devkit WAY back in the early 2000s. Currently, i am taking the 14 year old cross compiler setup and update it to recent versions of GCC, GDB, Binutils et all in an attempt to finally opensauce it. I might pest you with some updates on this - oh my how things changed...

Hackers are distributing Collections #2-5, 845GB of usernames and passwords or 25B records, almost tripling Collection #1, on hacker forums and torrents (Andy Greenberg/Wired) - Andy Greenberg / Wired:Hackers are distributing Collections #2-5, 845GB of usernames and passwor... more:

Vuln: Google Chrome Prior to 72.0.3626.81 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities - Google Chrome Prior to 72.0.3626.81 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities more:

Apple’s Group FaceTime: A place for spies? - Apple has disabled Group FaceTime following discovery of a flaw that could potentially let people ... more:

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