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From the dragonfly digest:

Beats. Visualized.

This is straight up awesome, and the presentation explains where these beats come from, why they are... it's just a really wicked presentation. The use of a circular display as well as a drum machine display in the slide. Plus history of various parts of the beats.

Et voila 2TB on original softmodded XBox. Needs a SATA/IDE Adapter though. Mind you this is 19yr old hardware :-) you cannot go much beyond 2TB so these are now maxed out.

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Cause one modded XBox is not good enough for LAN multiplayer, upgrading my second one also to 2TB. Yum yum Outrun 2006 coast to coast multiplayer.

Run and patch your iOS devices to the just-released 14.4 ! iOS operating system kernel (CVE-2021-1782), WebKit browser engine (CVE-2021-1870 and CVE-2021-1871).
Remote code execution + elevation of privileges in WebKit.

Apple: A malicious application may be able to elevate privileges. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.


Update: yesterday, I had a first experience with being a speaker in Clubhouse. It‘s simple / effortless and works quite well, if a bit low on features. Still not entirely sure if an optional recording feature would be a good thing or not. (For now, afaik, Clubhouse rooms can only be listened to live)

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The advancement of technology is such a blessing for Retro Game Preservation. Just completed a HDD upgrade to a whopping 2.2TB on my original Xbox, using an IDE to SATA adapter. Now importing my collection into the softmodded machine.

update: this install runs flawless and noticeably faster than my 2015 dual core Celeron setup.

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First impression about Clubhouse iOS after a few hours of usage:

Whatever ethical opinion you may have about Clubhouse, UX wise, this seems to work well for people. I believe this may be more than a hype. It's a nice fusion of "podium discussion" and easy audience inclusion. Where otherwise lots of dedicated tech would be needed, all you need to run is a smart phone.

Careful: they need your phone number + they push users to share address book (convenience for user, contact graph for them)

Yesterday, after ~12 years of running MythTV on intel platforms, set up a new MythBackend on arm64 (RaspberryPi 4 / Ubuntu). Channel scanning still the achilles heel of a new vanilla install, but got it all to work after a bit. It's surprisingly snappy + Much less power usage, yay for me! -> Astra Set + Myth Backend + KODI Frontend still very much recommended for an OFFLINE TV setup!

Followerpower: is there some good, self-hostable web GUI to manage a (many GB) collection of various ebooks (PDF, ePUB, CHM, ...) and makes them full text searchable, readable, etc? Did not find a good fit so far...

Getting the new Megadrive MegaSD set up and running. Stunning artwork by Alien^PDX

Nutzt ihr die Erweiterung "The Great Suspender" für #Chrome oder #Chromium? Dann solltet ihr das deinstallieren. Der Maintainer hat die so verändert, dass nicht vertrauenswürdiger Code auf euren Rechner ausgeführt werden kann.

KVM / libvirt NVMe VM backup script love! This is what i do: 1) create drive overlay to fix the backup disk file 2) tar.gz it with 8 threads using pigz 3) write packed output stream directly to backup disk at 70MByte/s 4) when done, remove overlay again

This manages to back up all my running VMs without interruption, 1.3TB unzipped, <400GB zipped, in <2h.

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