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service toot - REVISION 2021 Online - starts tomorrow, all easter weekend, on a sofa near you:
(hopefully the last time that it's online-only). Thanks as every year to EVERYONE that contributes to it - I can't wait!

Cool (if somewhat scary): Unreal engine again ahead of the pack - Metahuman project makes realtime CGI humans indistinguishable from real people:

Trying out Apache Guacamole - Clientless Remote Desktop that works in a Browser with nice Web GUI, Supports RDP, VNC, SSH et all. Impressed so far, works for all my use cases.

...and another service added: multiuser collaborative MD editing with a ton of cool features. Check out the features here:

Apple releases iOS 14.4.1 and macOS 11.2.3 to address a WebKit flaw that could allow hackers to run arbitrary code on devices via malicious web content (Igor Bonifacic/Engadget) - Igor Bonifacic / Engadget:Apple releases iOS 14.4.1 and macOS 11.2.3 to address a WebKit flaw th... -

Say hello to yet another service - Nitter (privacy focussed twitter frontend) at

Regarding the global invidious channel problem,
this pull request worked for me to fix my instance ( )

Assuming you are building from master, heres what i did:

sudo -i -u invidious
cd invidious
git fetch origin pull/1849/head:channelfix
git checkout channelfix
shards update && shards install
crystal build src/ --release
sudo systemctl restart invidious.service

All invidious (Youtube alternative frontend) instances (e.g. also mine at ) currently cannot browse channels / subscribe to channels anymore. Problem is well known already, but no fix in sight. .

PS: In moments like this, I wish there would not be as many coding environments and languages. If I knew how to efficiently debug with crystal without spending X hours on learning, i d help identify / fix the issue...

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