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This madness with objecting to legitimate interest must stop. It takes short of 100 clicks to opt out of tracking on e.g. - is there an open source tool / browser extension to automate this? (Gasp, iOS?)

sorry for recent disruption of my public facing services. Lots of hammering these days, time to tighten your SNORT ruleset.

PSA: Did you patch your Linux recently?

So far, i am impressed with Zoneminder (Open source Video Surveillance system). Needs some sysadmin skill to get up and running, but i have motion detection + iOS push notification working with multiple camera feeds.
Next: near-realtime face /object detect with ML TPU dongles like Google Coral. Endless possibilities. zmeventnotification.readthedoc
I may need to try this.

Nasty Linux systemd root level security bug revealed and patched. If you're running most recent Linux distributions, you'll need to patch it now.

Playing with Zoneminder surveillance system. Pretty cool, though the Perl setup feels a bit "vintage" :-)

got my FM-Towns Marty console up and running loading CD-Rs, but struggling to find any info about the keyboard connector... seems i cannot run Wing Commander without a connected keyboard... and original keyboard is super expensive. Anyone know if a PS2 keyboard could be used?

This new addition to the retro game console collection. Original 1990 Nintendo Tetris Watch game in working condition.

Here’s that CGI application I’ve been working on; a work-in-progress, basic HTML frontend to the Wayback Machine, for browsing the old web straight from an old browser, including the Wayback Machine’s site search 💻🌐📅

I don’t do this a lot but here is a selfie to promote the 2021 Revision demoparty Shirt

The million dollar question: what’s the two long yellow sticks left of the disassembled Gamegear ?

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For no particular reason. A mess of tooling from recent projects. (Console / child toy repair mostly)

Book tip (attention: 12yr old title) „Coders at work“ - Fascinating interview series with UNIX, Netscape, Java, LISP key programmers.

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