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After a very long time, I will finally be able to push a major @retrochecker update. Hundreds of improvements have been made. No tracking! All the basic functionality works offline. Hopefully launching in the next days!

Essential Tools i still like very much after using them for 10+ years :
- Little Snitch (OSX)
- Total Commander (Windows)
- Logic Pro (OSX)
- Emacs (anywhere)

What are yours?

Ouch. Just discovered my RetroChecker app won’t work on iOS15 for now :-/. (Adds to TODO list)

Video Game tip - Shantae - half genie hero by Wayforward. Incredible production values, one of the best side scrollers on WiiU. Great playing with the family, amazing soundtrack

to kick things off, i have lodged a GDPR information request. As a service for you, here is the template i used - why not also file a request? :-)

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followup - here is a (tracking free) copy of a 2020 forbes article elaborating on what happens when ebay scans your local / LAN ports.

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Sometimes i really wonder howto determine whether something is "legitimate interest" per the GDPR. E.g. if eBay cannot find a cookie on my machine, it ll use a service called threatmetrix to attempt a LAN scan (e.g. whats running on and beyond) from within the browser. I only noticed because LittleSnitch alarmed about it. I cannot imagine that this could be a legitimate interest. Any clues how to determine if could successfully sue them?

How different view points change the picture. Just a little fun bit for a grey morning.

heard of eBPF? If not, have a look. Allows to run apps in kernel mode, no reboot required. Interesting projects are emerging:

Apple iOS Users: Update to 14.7 quickly. Security fixes are not publically disclosed yet, but I smell relevance.

After my first MythTV install in 2007, i dreamt about how cool it would be to stream the data from my home to anywhere I am, giving me a 100% "tracking free" way to watch TV. Today, this dream turned reality. I watched TV streamed from my home Sat dish -> Raspberry -> MythTV -> VPN -> Client, all while on a 300km/h fast ICE train - over their onboard WIFI - and it just worked. So liberating, a nerd dream come true! Hotel TV and surveillance streaming go home, i have MythTV and a 20TB NAS. :)

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