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Our latest demoscene prod by the group:

HBC-00021: PULP

Placed 1st in the short film competition! :)


Sneak peak at v2.5. Will include Images in List views, performance fixes. Also, App will go paid-only soon again.

The RetroHQ Jaguar Gamedrive is recommendable, does what it claims. High price point is understandable due to low volume production. But oh my many of these games are horrible :-)

It warms my heart how someone wrote this impressive 512 byte game for wasm4 using their very own homebrew web assembly programming language.

In a recent eBay iOS app update, the deep-linking function failed, making eBay links non-functional. The new 2.4 release, now in App Store review and hopefully launching soon, addresses the issue.

finally managed to snag one of the few Jaguar gamedrive units. Really looking forward to playing more abysmal games on failed platforms.

Launching soon: RetroChecker 2.3 - new this time: Support for Brazilian Real and Korean Won, more efficient use of screen space on smaller iPhones, bug fix to prevent a rare crash (when opening certain PS5 titles)

Apple ships Monterey with security updates, fixes 0-day in Watch and TV products, updates iDevices - A slew of security bulletins from Apple HQ, including 37 bugs listed as fixed in the init...

i keep forgetting that Emacs is an ancient piece of software with much cruft that has accrued throughout the ages

…and as a result feel optimistic (after some blissfully ignorant months) about removing the C from its code, in an attempt to modify it, only to hit the surface of its waters at great speed, being smashed as if it were concrete x’D

RetroChecker 2.1 is out on the iOS AppStore now, make sure to grab this update - many usability improvements, new layout on Product Detail pages - especially useful on small screens. Video Preview:

Retrochecker v2 has finally made it and is now available on the iOS App Store. To celebrate this major release, the App will remain FREE until Friday.

Pushed Retrochecker v2 into Appstore review just now. Let's hope it will launch shortly. Hundreds of improvements. I think my app is the best retro collector app full stop. :-)
More info: @retrochecker Btw, it works OFFLINE and does NO tracking. You can even turn off image loading and other online features. Core functions still work in flight mode.

System checkups / battery conditioning on the weekend. This Nokia ngage running Call of Duty :-). I feel like using this as a phone for a week. Good old times.

PSA: New public service - Bibliogram, an alternative frontend for instagram:

I may soon switch the composition of my @itnewsbot and @itsecbot - the aim is to exclude consent/reg/paywall sites that block you from reading the article.

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