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@Truck ... i feel ... so empowered .... UHC .... awesome .... more than i thought it is ! thanks for enlightening me :-D

…and the Amiga grey color wireless Tank Mouse also found it’s place :-)

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"There will be no press release, no big announcement, as he would have to acknowledge that he was wrong. But make no mistake: Mark Zuckerberg just buried the metaverse. The metaverse is dead. [...] Zuckerberg has just held the funeral by turning to the next big shiny thing, namely artificial intelligence."

@emanuel it may be on aminet, yes, but ... I am upset that I can't remember it...


(or, for even more sensible use, the gemini link...


I can recommend the reproduction optical “Tank mouse”. It works flawlessly on my Amiga 1200. Never had a better mouse in it.

Meet the real heroes of Revision: the Infoteam! 💖

Running a shift at the info desk is hard work, but it's also one of the most hands-on ways to help out at the party and meet new friends.

#revisionparty2023 #back2ewerk

Amiga replacement mice “Tank mouse” in Amiga grey and black, including DB9 adapters to run on real hardware.

"the unreasonably long toilet tunnel" - The easter party - Revision Demoparty 2023,

Only Amiga makes it possible. It has been a looong time since I last had an Amiga online. Happy retrocomputing !

Update now: Google emits emergency fix for zero-day Chrome vulnerability - Also: Tech players spin up white hat protection, this week's critical bugs, and more In b... -

Important day in Germany: the last 3 nuclear power plants in the country are being switched off. (After the Fukushima desaster in 2011, the government drew up the nuclear exit strategy plan that has since been executed)

@DavidBFox just played a round of Zak McKracken on FMTowns (Marty) for the first time - had no idea how far ahead this version was - 256color, CD-sound, etc... as a C64/Amiga kid, my mind was blown. Is there any other classic system that got the 256 color version of the game?

Pretty good thoughts on how to stay ahead of the curve as an engineer - The Future of Software Engineering in the Age of AI: A Wake-Up Call - by Lars Jankowfsky (ca 20min) -

i am late to the party, but must say "copilot" is pretty sweet. Did not use it much as i struggled to make it work in doom emacs - but this config made it work in minutes - recommended! ->

Windows admins warned to patch critical MSMQ QueueJumper bug - Security researchers and experts warn of a critical vulnerability in the Windows Message ...

people - the wait is nearly over - the luminous, impossible-to-find 4MB MEM expansion + HDD SCSI adapter will be available as a reproduction from caius arcade in the next days (very limited quantities - this will make Street Fighter 2 work on Marty)

Photo from Revision Party 2023 “the morning after”, with big screen showing BaaS (Belgians as a Service)

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