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Today's a palindromic date in YYYYMMDD format, the best format 🥳

Revision 2020 Homepage launch seems imminent - it's changed from the teaser page to broken page. 🙂

You’re going to want this latest version of Firefox, trust us - Mozilla has pushed out an update to patch a critical vulnerability in Firefox. It’s urging users to ... more:

Got my CPC464 DDI-5 and it works a charm! My first ever computer now pimped to the max. Respect @ Zaxon for producing it ! (Even if one of the devices was DOA)

Resident Evil 7 is a masterpiece, but it’s too scary for me. I can barely enjoy it, it’s so tense it makes me uncomfortable. Awesome but tough. :-/

Everything is broken. As relevant as ever, read this article on ITSec if you haven‘t already.

That moment when you click „I accept“ with standard settings on the verge and it „lags“ 5 seconds to update hundreds of 3rd parties and set a gazillion cookies / tracker JS. Thank god this is not my main machine.

holy shit. I did it. It actually works.

I have spun up a Pleroma instance on... my fucking Nintendo Switch. I don't think the Switch was ever intended to be a **webserver**, but hey, it's 2019 and there are lightbulbs with CPUs built into them soooo

It can be accessed at don't sign up if you want a reliable instance, since it'll probably be down 90% of the time, since I'd actually like to use my switch to do what it was intended to do and play games. :P
My Nintendo Switch displaying a…

I can confirm MBP 2018 Keyboard durability is crap. 3months in, my return key barely responds :-(

"Who needs docker when you can run old laptops as blade servers"

This blog post's subheader is my aesthetic

Zoom to fix major Mac webcam security flaw today with emergency patch - Video conferencing provider Zoom is pushing out an emergency patch later today to address the zero-d... more:

A stack of attack vectors facing your organization

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