finally, after a year, the long-awaited Retrochecker 2.0 release is imminent. more than 55000 games now included!

and here is another example of RetroLens in Action, this time for PAL PlayStation2 games.

Here you can find a quick demo of RetroChecker 1.2's RetroLens function - Scan hundreds of games in a snap, and find hidden gems in no time!

Hello Fediverse. This is the official microblogging account for the RetroChecker iOS app - the ultimate retro video game collector app. More than 70 supported platforms, 38000+ games with current prices and a image based game collection scanner function allow effortless valuation of your retro treasures. Also: Works offline, minimum tracking, no snooping on your personal data / collection / favorites at all - all stays on device and is exportable.
Written with love by @emanuel

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