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Hello Fediverse. My name is Emanuel - i am an 80's computer kid. Worked in IT since the middle of the 1990's, mostly in eCommerce and video games. I have a burning passion for: my family and kids, programming, digital content creation, demoscene (my handle is "tubo") , IT security and privacy protection, system tinkering and hacking, video game system hardware and many things more. Author of the Retrochecker video game collector app ( @retrochecker ) and the HAM GBA devkit.

CERT/CC Warns of Vulnerabilities in Marvell Avastar Wireless SoCs - The CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has issued a vulnerability note providing information on ... more:

Berlin Central Library: the category „Data Protection friendly technologies“ and the available contents at a glance :-)

18446744073709551616 or Eighteen quintillion, four hundred forty six quadrillion, seven hundred forty four trillion, seventy three billion, seven hundred nine million, five hundred fifty one thousand, six hundred sixteen is the number of possible 64bit Postgres Transaction IDs - if you use 1 million of them per second, it still lasts for nearly 300.000 years.

In case anyone might remember, I authored the HAM Gameboy Advance devkit WAY back in the early 2000s. Currently, i am taking the 14 year old cross compiler setup and update it to recent versions of GCC, GDB, Binutils et all in an attempt to finally opensauce it. I might pest you with some updates on this - oh my how things changed...

Hackers are distributing Collections #2-5, 845GB of usernames and passwords or 25B records, almost tripling Collection #1, on hacker forums and torrents (Andy Greenberg/Wired) - Andy Greenberg / Wired:Hackers are distributing Collections #2-5, 845GB of usernames and passwor... more:

Vuln: Google Chrome Prior to 72.0.3626.81 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities - Google Chrome Prior to 72.0.3626.81 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities more:

Apple’s Group FaceTime: A place for spies? - Apple has disabled Group FaceTime following discovery of a flaw that could potentially let people ... more:

app - first glaring omission (but already on their radar) is the lack of a master password to open the safe. This is kind of mandatory, especially for the browser extensions.

- Tried the new Passwords app ( )- color me impressed. For an initial release, this looks top notch. The importer worked great, the browser plugins do what they are supposed to, looks like a killer app in the making. Now off to dissect how it works internally - thanks for a much needed alternative in quality password manager apps. Also ship an iOS app, pretty please.

SecurityNow podcast latest episode 698 covers a good range of high impact topics: Marvel WIFI chipset vulns, more CISCO default password nightmares, and VPN mobile client guidance -

Hackers are going after Cisco RV320/RV325 routers using a new exploit - Attacks on Cisco routers started hours after the publication of proof-of-concept code on GitHub. more:

Debian / apt has a root RCE vuln via MITM - patches are out now, but additional steps needed to upgrade safely without triggering the vulnerability. More here:

Marvel WIFI PS4 /Xbox One RCE vulnerability: If it really works as advertised, this is probably bad news for security, but good news for console haxor.

Tempted to try out for a privacy-oriented Home Automation solution. Anyone here who is happy with it / could vouch for it?

"Collection #1"—87GB file found containing 773 million records:

– 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords
– 772,904,991unique email addresses
– 21,222,975 unique passwords

#collection1 #leak #passwords #hibp #troyhunt #infosec #cybersecurity #security

In case you are interested, I launched three public bots today that aggregate IT News, IT Security News and Vulnerability News respecitvely. Feel free to follow them @itnewsbot ,
@itsecbot and @vulnbot

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