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Hello Fediverse. My name is Emanuel - i am an 80's computer kid. Worked in IT since the middle of the 1990's, mostly in eCommerce and video games. I have a burning passion for: my family and kids, programming, digital content creation, demoscene (my handle is "tubo") , IT security and privacy protection, system tinkering and hacking, video game system hardware and many things more. Author of the Retrochecker video game collector app ( @retrochecker ) and the HAM GBA devkit.

“A raw LLM is like a Harvard CS grad who knows a lot about coding and took a magic mushroom about 4 hours ago, so it’s mostly worn off, but not totally.”

Ladies and gentlemen. The inimitable Steve Yegge 😂

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Epic’s new motion-capture animation tech has to be seen to be believed - Enlarge / Would you believe that creating this performance took only mi... - &culture

📢 Nextcloud Hub 4 is here!

✨ Fully integrated Ethical AI features 
💬 Desktop app for Talk
💌 Shared folders in Mail
📒 Notes app now official
📈 Up to 70% faster app loading
🚀 New Tables app & much more!

🌟 Nobody asked, but I have scanned, just for you, two historic sheets of official Famicom and Famicom Disk System logos, once provided by Nintendo for magazines, etc. You can get them here:

Retro, ISO, format-hell:
I could not figure out a way to convert multitrack bin/cue ( CD images) to CCD/IMG/SUB on Linux. After toying around with various tools, I finally submitted to Windows to try. What works: Mount bin/cue with Alcohol 120%, then export using UltraISO to CCD/IMG/SUB
-> resulting image works on the , incl audio tracks.

Is there some easy way to do multitrack BIN/CUE to CCD/IMG/SUB conversion on Linux that i have missed? Boosts welcome.

caius, awesome hardware producer, announced a 2- > 4MB memory expansion for . Super Street Fighter 2 now runs on the platform 🙂
All the gossip + preorder:

I was looking for a good Sankey-chart tool, and found this one to be open source and awesome, so - sharing:

A Manchester man draws penis's around potholes so they get fixed sooner. He is nicknamed Wanksy

oof. more like 1.xTERAbytes....this will take another 1-2days to come down the tubes...

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very curious to try the 700GB BLOOM large language model (after it all downloads finally). Amazing times we live in when you can afford 10GB GPUs and some TB of fast storage to run this locally.

I got your fancy-pants "ChatGPT" right here... Move over Bing-Bot and silly Google A.I. and make room for the next big thing - #Commodore 64 A.I.
I am bringing out my SX-64 and we are going to go on an Artificial Intelligence adventure on #ChickenHeadChronicles soon!

Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share.

An Amiga Mouse, The Modern Way - When we recently featured an Amiga upgrade project, [EmberHeavyIndustries ] was pr... -

If you run ClamAV (e.g. on a Mail server), you'll be interested to upgrade. Critical, remote code execution, patch available @itsecbot

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