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Hello Fediverse. My name is Emanuel - i am an 80's computer kid. Worked in IT since the middle of the 1990's, mostly in eCommerce and video games. I have a burning passion for: my family and kids, programming, digital content creation, demoscene (my handle is "tubo") , IT security and privacy protection, system tinkering and hacking, video game system hardware and many things more. Author of the Retrochecker video game collector app ( @retrochecker ) and the HAM GBA devkit.

And another service added - Freetube instance. For now, enjoy this first video of my Pioneer LaserActive starting to work again after mechanics repair:

Just tried text to speech (read screen content) on iOS 14.5 and must say, I am very impressed. At least in english language, intonation and pauses were spot on, it starts to sound fairly natural, and I can see myself consuming content that way. If you have not tried it for a while you may want to revisit the feature.

I joined LinkedIn ~20 years back when it was a professional network - now, it's all about sales and distraction. As stated in my profile summary -> I will *not* network with people i do not know - it's just too much work! If you want to get in touch AND don't just want to sell things to me , kindly find a more creative way to open the conversation than asking for "mutual synergies" when - in reality - you just want to sell your mediocre and/or overpriced service.

For those that follow my IT related news/media bots @itnewsbot @itsecbot @vulnbot - the service is now likely to see less disruption / gaps / hiccups between posts - was able to optimize / robustify the way the data sources are parsed and generated.

Number of toots so far (2 yr total) - refreshes every 15 min:
@itnewsbot 131k
@itsecbot 21k
@vulnbot 29k

Hologon by The Electronic Knights

This new Amiga 500 demo fits in the "How the fuck is that possible" category.

It was released offline two months ago, only by mail-swap on floppy disk. So yes, it also fits on a single floppy disk. 🙃


Another curious item. Definitely the smallest memory card (ever?) - 2Kilobytes! (Neogeo AES)

PSA: My own invidious (Youtube frontend) instance now available on - not sure if it can remain public, depends on traffic it generates. Happy watching, do not vandalize please.

special controller checkup this weekend. Featuring this PS2 specific USB Densha de Go Shinkansen controller. The only one in the Series with LED Displays. Perfect party game when everyone is drunk already ;-)


$ mkdir -p ~/src/myproject
$ cd ~/src/myproject
$ git init --bare
$ cd ~
$ git clone ~/src/myproject
$ cd myproject

There, done. Now you have a 100% fully functional git repo that doesn’t require a network connection and supports every single git feature. Pull it, push it, branch it, revert it, whatever: it’s your own repo and you can do whatever you want with it. And you don’t have to sign up for anything or agree to a Terms of Service or share your work or trust a company you dislike.

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More special controllers I have unearthed again to play with my daughter - the incredible Samba de Amigo for Sega Dreamcast by Sonic Team.

A fairly uncommon item here that I wanted for a long time: „Justifier“ Mega Drive Lightgun by Konami bundled with SegaCD game „Lethal Enforcers“. Game Box is almost perfect :-) cannot wait to try it now.

PSA - upgraded my Searx instance to latest 0.18 - includes activated Mortyproxy for surfing to results with more privacy / reading sanity: enjoy, and don't vandalize please.

Hmmm Outrun2 Xbox with System Link. If only I were allowed to invite people. :-(

My “free G5” progress: found that I have a fairly shitty model (9,1) but giving it a go. Fitted SSD, upped RAM to 2GB, added 1TB HDD for Time Machine, Running 10.5.8 and Tigerbrew, CS4 is surprisingly zippy even on a singlecore machine. I think the quad core, 2.5GHz version would be quite a beast in comparison. May fetch one for kicks. @Truck you got one of those?

Got this Baby for free from a colleague at work. Retro beauty from 2004, 1.8Ghz single proc dual core PPC. 10.5 Leopard works fine. Just attempted a MorphOS install and for the first time, fans kicked in at full speed. Amazingly loud and powerful, good fun and Stunning kit this. So far, I am whitescreening with MorphOS. May play more with it soon.

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