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Hello Fediverse. My name is Emanuel - i am an 80's computer kid. Worked in IT since the middle of the 1990's, mostly in eCommerce and video games. I have a burning passion for: my family and kids, programming, digital content creation, demoscene (my handle is "tubo") , IT security and privacy protection, system tinkering and hacking, video game system hardware and many things more. Author of the Retrochecker video game collector app ( @retrochecker ) and the HAM GBA devkit.

Tres kewl - an interactive Amiga PCB, allowing you to uhm, trace traces - mind blown - so helpful! <3

Many of my followers know i am obsessed with old video games. For a closer look, you can check my bibliogram here or just follow on Insta if you really want to. @retrochecker

Tell HN: Apple rejecting cross platform apps (React Native, Flutter, Capacitor) -

„Real-Time Bidding is the biggest data breach ever recorded. It tracks and shares what people view online and their real-world location 294 billion times in the U.S. and 197 billion times in Europe every day.“

By the way, moderation on Mastodon is not a magic blackbox. Mastodon can list federation blocks on the instance's `/about/more` page (often linked to as server rules).

At the bottom you can see federation blocks and the reasons for it, provided by the instance administration. This should help to orient yourself regarding the instances you want to pick.

Be aware that it's not required to provide a reason to block things, but that's your admins choice.

Yay - managed to reprogram/update the Xilinx CPLD on my Furia 020 Amiga 600 accelerator - using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a JTAG programming device. xc3sprog for the win! Finally, my furia works as expected.

Yay it still works internally. Sound gets generated (measured at amp input line) and MIDI also operates as it should. Fault is in the amp.

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Sunday repair challenge - a broken Yamaha NP-30 piano that stopped producing any sounds, amp seems ok, speakers pop when turning off, too. Voltages to the logic board look good. Digging deeper with the oscilloscope…

PSA - updated my search engine instance to the latest and greatest version, including latest morty proxy. Feel free to use, please do not vandalize.

Whoa - retro computing alert! Several members of the original Commodore team, including Leonard Tramiel started blogging about the early Commodore history: vintagecomputerstories.blogspo

If you hit "more posts" a few times, it goes back to December of last year. I can't see any information about this blog, but they are updating pretty frequently. And the posts are cool late 70s homecomputing lore!

Oh no! My Pioneer Laseractive died today. Short buzz / bang inside, smoke et all, no more picture, still not sure which of the low voltage boards is affected. I hope I can fix it. If you know anyone that could help to bring it back to life, please DM me. Would even travel with it to get it fixed.

RetroChecker v3.1 is out now - notable news in this release is improved iPad Window and Landscape Support, amongst other things.

hmmm my gitlab instance needs 10 times more CPU time than any other service i am hosting. Any clues what i should disable in Gitlab Community edition to ease the load?

v3 has been released on the App Store today. Merry Christmas. Stay Safe.

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