How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?

Nokia N-Gage QD Becomes Universal Bluetooth Gamepad - The Nokia N-Gage might not have put up much of a fight against Nintendo’s handheld... - -gage -06

Run your own Sims World using LLM agents with personalities and mission - one of the more exciting ideas. Early open source system that implements it:

+ full paper (inspiring!)->

@mollipen @Joysticks I was curious about this too. I guess it was done to add an optional wireless / infrared + battery addon. Did something like this ever get released?

@Joysticks Boy this one is awesome! Want it but it seems it was only released in the US, shipping is more than the item itself :-/

@chrisgervais ah yes, i played that on Amiga ECS back in the day - good to know its on macOS. Hopefully more than 16 colors - will check it, thank you!

MacOS Classic (68k/PPC) - I have so far neglected most on the platform, despite having the hardware and OS. Any suggestions for top gaming experiences to check out, despite the very obvious (Marathon, classic LucasArts, Civilization, SimCity) ? Would be thrilled to get some suggestions, as I don’t know the library of games.

Nerd life. Batteries are held in place by bird sh*t. I have one of those for AA , too.

That said, I was so relaxed I confused Sunday and Saturday- oh well :-)

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There is something distinctively relaxing playing Gameboy games on a Sunday in direct sunlight. Better than most other - F1 Race, on Gameboy Light, on some North Sea dyke.

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