@betamax65 is it mandatory or etiquette that it be flagged like that? I didn’t know about that, and for two years, no one seemed to care. Not complaining, but do not know the ramifications of the change, I spend very little time on Masto related issues. Thanks for alerting me to it.

Yesterday, after ~12 years of running MythTV on intel platforms, set up a new MythBackend on arm64 (RaspberryPi 4 / Ubuntu). Channel scanning still the achilles heel of a new vanilla install, but got it all to work after a bit. It's surprisingly snappy + Much less power usage, yay for me! -> Astra Set + Myth Backend + KODI Frontend still very much recommended for an OFFLINE TV setup!

@apfeiffer42 thanks. I know the desktop app, not a huge fan though. Interesting to see there is also calibre-web, will investigate, thx!

Followerpower: is there some good, self-hostable web GUI to manage a (many GB) collection of various ebooks (PDF, ePUB, CHM, ...) and makes them full text searchable, readable, etc? Did not find a good fit so far...

Getting the new Megadrive MegaSD set up and running. Stunning artwork by Alien^PDX

Nutzt ihr die Erweiterung "The Great Suspender" für #Chrome oder #Chromium? Dann solltet ihr das deinstallieren. Der Maintainer hat die so verändert, dass nicht vertrauenswürdiger Code auf euren Rechner ausgeführt werden kann.

KVM / libvirt NVMe VM backup script love! This is what i do: 1) create drive overlay to fix the backup disk file 2) tar.gz it with 8 threads using pigz 3) write packed output stream directly to backup disk at 70MByte/s 4) when done, remove overlay again

This manages to back up all my running VMs without interruption, 1.3TB unzipped, <400GB zipped, in <2h.

Also facing a sprite garbling issue. Likely needs replacement capacitors.

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Seems like the problem is with the micro switch inside the pen. Getting the pen to open means removing a 30yr old sticker. Heatgun helps here.

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Holiday console hardware repair. Today: Sega Pico with broken lightpen button. Not sure what’s wrong yet.

Holiday means hardware repair. These two rotten, dirty Atari 5200 controllers. None of the buttons work, like corrosion. Followup shortly.

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