China now blocking TLS 1.3 say Great-Firewall-watchers - And needs a very blunt instrument to do the job, because the protocol works as planned China is no... -

Dear Admins. Whats an efficient strategy to allow new user to register on my instance, but prevent the tons of bots / porn / spammer account requests? Right now, "Approval" is tough for me, as i do not have a lot of time to check, and thus dont' have the confidence that most requested accounts are actually legit people.


I want to be as cool as the person who made this sign

@joeo10 they also do one of these adapters with 4(!) microSD slots. You could end up with a 2TB iPod that way :-). I am quite happy with my 64GB one already

@joeo10 see other replies. Have not tried myself but I read 512gb works. It’s a nice system now, I ll upgrade the storage from 64GB if I should need it.

Time to revive my iPod Video 30GB with new battery and SD card adapter :-)

@infosechandbook just wanted to thank you for the continuous steam of relevant, easy to read + high quality content!

Today, we added a "News" section on

We will use this section to discuss recent developments in information security.

Besides, we want to include additional links, information, and comments.

Read more:

#InfoSecHandbook #InfoSec #Blog

@yaaps @alcinnz @cy

Right now it looks like there are only two options to, say, buy things from an online store:

1. Use an interactive website of that store
2. Use a native app of that store

And option 2 is more intrusive than option 1. But there's a largely overlooked third option:

3. Have a common protocol for all online stores, and use a native online shopping client of your choice.

Public service announcement for my fellow privacy enthusiasts: My searx instance at is now upgraded to latest version and now also includes Morty Proxy + page sanitizer, featuring:
- HTML sanitization
- Rewrites HTML/CSS external references to locals
- JavaScript blocking
- No Cookies forwarded
- No Referrers
- No Caching/Etag
- Supports GET/POST forms and IFrames

(it ll go private if overloaded/vandalized)

@cwebber @craigmaloney @fossandcrafts @mlemweb @alcinnz you could use a clockwork analogy for nested „for“ loops , pinball make great examples of state machines

@mntmn have not checked in detail + might be overkill, but maybe there’s a Form Builder Nextcloud app for this, or you could even use a shared document people would write into directly (there’s a version history so no data loss). I have been surprised just how many use cases Nextcloud and it’s FOSS app ecosystem covers for me as of recent. (used it for many years)

@mntmn I d go for a slightly more structured approach using a web form. This way, you can collect critical taxonomy information on the content submitted, this will rapidly speed up curation. Also, different kinds of content may need different required fields. I understand you want to keep it simple, but I would structure the information a bit at creation time. There are tons of „form builder“ packages available free and non free.

@mntmn @vertigo what kind of staff are the contributors, how many people?

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