A stack of attack vectors facing your organization

@alvarezp @alcinnz While the topic of forcing password changes regularly is debatable, password history information is/should of course not just be stored in the clear. Only (hopefully well-salted) password hashes are stored.

MY TAKE: Why locking down ‘firmware’ has now become the next big cybersecurity challenge - Locking down firmware. This is fast becoming a profound new security challenge for all companies – o... more: lastwatchdog.com/my-take-why-l

A technical glitch has broken everyone's Firefox extensions - If you're struggling to get your Firefox extensions working today, you're not alone – a technical ... more: techradar.com/news/a-technical

New public facing service. My own instance of privacy oriented meta search engine searx.schleuss.online , read more about it here: asciimoo.github.io/searx/user/ - it may get restricted to German geo location shortly.

With online tracking, license plate readers, and facial recognition, cash transactions are just about the only things not tracked by corporations or the government. Call me a cashless economy skeptic

@Truck there are still some things to work out now, but I am hopeful I can show you the tool chain at Revision - or even release it around that time. I think you ll be very pleased how easy it is to get things up and running. Ease of use getting stuff running is the number one priority of HAM.

@Truck course not. Just used it to display the source. HAM is very simple to use, and has near zero dependencies in the distribution.

3.0 update log - Next milestone reached - C++ compiler / linker / execution environment now work with the latest GNU tools.

Toshiba rant: If you are tempted to buy a large USB HDD, do NOT get the Toshiba Canvio Basic 4TB. It's write speed is abysmal for some reason, no matter what format or system you use (continously decreases from the expected 100MB/s after writing a few GB of data, down to **less than 1MB/s** :-( ) - a quick search reveals i am not alone with this problem - Returning mine asap. Any tips for a good 4TB, 2.5 inch external drive?

Opensauce adventures: Needed to apply a patch to a Linux kernel module to make my DVB-S hardware more reliable. (if you care at all, it's this: patchwork.kernel.org/patch/107 ) Was surprised at how relatively simple i could patch and compile the latest upstream 5.1rc1 Linux kernel, install it on my distro and just have it all work on first try.

Reminder: if you don't use JavaScript, you don't get crashes. And don't need loading screens.

I'm liking this post: dev.to/winduptoy/a-javascript-

New BitLocker attack puts laptops storing sensitive data at risk - New Zealand security researcher details never-before-seen attack for recovering BitLocker keys. more: zdnet.com/article/new-bitlocke

@Truck indeed, i am grateful for every minute of the party. I ll get in touch there and if there’s something to show, I ll give you a peak. Don’t stress :-)

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