„Real-Time Bidding is the biggest data breach ever recorded. It tracks and shares what people view online and their real-world location 294 billion times in the U.S. and 197 billion times in Europe every day.“


seeing people joining masto and immediately using it just like twitter.

my dudes.

if you follow 2000 people by impulsively following any person who says anything that is even mildly interesting to you, you're going to have a real fucking bad time because your feed will be completely incomprehensible. You're going to get every post, of every person you follow, in chronological order.

Slow down.

Stop and smell the individuality.

We're here to meet people, not to appease an algorithm into showing our stuff to as many people as possible.

Well, most of us, but there's no algorithm, so if you're following 2000 people without a plan, you're likely to miss all the individuals.

@fribbledom nothing wrong with that IMO. Especially if you have family, early mornings on weekends can be the best hacking / making / learning slots. I studied Blender, made a new printserver, tuned my 3D printer and cleaned up the work room this morning already. Now the kid is up -> breakfast and play time

By the way, moderation on Mastodon is not a magic blackbox. Mastodon can list federation blocks on the instance's `/about/more` page (often linked to as server rules).

At the bottom you can see federation blocks and the reasons for it, provided by the instance administration. This should help to orient yourself regarding the instances you want to pick.

Be aware that it's not required to provide a reason to block things, but that's your admins choice.

Yay - managed to reprogram/update the Xilinx CPLD on my Furia 020 Amiga 600 accelerator - using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a JTAG programming device. xc3sprog for the win! Finally, my furia works as expected.

Yay it still works internally. Sound gets generated (measured at amp input line) and MIDI also operates as it should. Fault is in the amp.

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Sunday repair challenge - a broken Yamaha NP-30 piano that stopped producing any sounds, amp seems ok, speakers pop when turning off, too. Voltages to the logic board look good. Digging deeper with the oscilloscope…

@Truck i would appreciate a demoscene dedicated instance, if only to make discovery of demosceners on mastodon easier.

PSA - updated my searx.schleuss.online search engine instance to the latest and greatest version, including latest morty proxy. Feel free to use, please do not vandalize.

Whoa - retro computing alert! Several members of the original Commodore team, including Leonard Tramiel started blogging about the early Commodore history: vintagecomputerstories.blogspo

If you hit "more posts" a few times, it goes back to December of last year. I can't see any information about this blog, but they are updating pretty frequently. And the posts are cool late 70s homecomputing lore!

@tavernejohnjohn @matiu_bidule 2/2 Not sure which board is affected. I swapped in a known good spare laser sled full unit, makes no difference, same symptoms. Finally on the top board (out side) there is a chip that burnt / got super hot, the only IC in the right upper corner on the outside of the top board. Currently, I don’t dare power it up again without first disconnecting logic boards.

@tavernejohnjohn @matiu_bidule 1/2 - Power + Drive front button lights come on, no picture. No function. LD reader position slowly moves outwards, constantly. Picture worked, then flickered a few times, then I smelt a stench from drive area and observed tiny bit of smoke from underneath the drive laser - since then it’s black screening. You can see Video out display sync coming up though, have oscilloscope to verify on-site.

@jelora @mmu_man thank you for looking at it ! Here are some initial shots. Noteworthy that the lonely chip on the top board heated up a lot ( left a burnt stain on top of the chip)

@jelora @mmu_man thanks for having a look. Makes me very sad, the Laseractive is a great showpiece of my collection, and i take my hobby quite seriously … this could be a hard / lengthy repair…

@jelora @mmu_man i ll try to spend some time on the weekend to dismantle it. You got a Laseractive, too?

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