Boeing Starliner's 1st crewed trip to the ISS delayed again over battery overheating risk - May fly in the summer, with some presumably pretty nervous pilots Boeing's first mission ... -

Is Your USB-C Dock Out To Hack You? - In today’s installment of Betteridge’s law enforcement, here’s an evil USB-C dock ... -

Ask Slashdot: Can an Aging Project Manager Return to Coding Unpopular Legacy Codebases? - Anyone have career advice for this anonymous Slashdot reader?

I've had a great ca... -

Recreating one of History’s Best Known Spy Gadgets - [Machining and Microwaves] got an interesting request. The BBC asked him to duplic... -

Single Flex PCB Folds into a Four-Wheel Rover, Complete with Motors - You’ve got to hand it to [Carl Bugeja] — he comes up with some of the most interes... -

IBM Installs World's First Quantum Computer for Accelerating Healthcare Research - It's one of America's best hospitals — a nonprofit "academic medical center" calle... -

Microsoft fixes reversible screenshot vulnerability on Windows - Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft ha... -

Inside Digital Image Chips - Have you ever thought how amazing it is that every bit of DRAM in your computer re... -

Google Security Researchers Accuse CentOS of Failing to Backport Kernel Fixes - An anonymous reader quotes Neowin:
Google Project Zero is a security team responsi... -

Microsoft reportedly orders AI chatbot rivals to stop using Bing’s search data - Illustration: The Verge

Microsoft doesn’t want its... -

Amazon Rejects Petition from 30,000 Workers Opposing Return-to-Office Mandate - An anonymous reader shares this report from the New York Post:

Disgruntled Amazon... -

DoomLinux: the Distro That Loads Only Enough Software to Play DOOM - Hackaday recently shared some thoughts on "purpose-built" distros:

Some examples ... -

FSF Honors Emacs Co-Maintainer, 'Replicant' Developer, and Videoconferencing Tool Jami - The Free Software Foundation held their annual LibrePlanet conference last week — ... -

TikTok Trackers Embedded in U.S. State-Government Websites, Review Finds - Toronto-based Feroot Security "found that so-called tracking pixels from the TikTo... -

Gordon Moore, 1929 — 2023 - The news emerged yesterday that Gordon Moore, semiconductor pioneer, one of the fo... -

It turns out Arrested Development is staying on Netflix after all - Image: Netflix

Arrested Development isn’t leaving ... -

It's Never Been Easier to Make an Adventure Game - New tools like Adventure Game Studio are responsible for a thriving indie scene for the g... - /culturepodcast

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