Sony says its next-gen PlayStation console will be backward-compatible, support 8K graphics with ray tracing, and have an SSD, but won't be released this year (Peter Rubin/Wired) - Peter Rubin / Wired:Sony says its next-gen PlayStation console will be backward-compatible, supp... more:

Walmart partners with subscription-based children’s clothing startup, Kidbox - Walmart is getting into subscription-based fashion with today’s announcement of a partnership with K... more:

Security flaw in EA’s Origin client exposed gamers to hackers - Electronic Arts has fixed a vulnerability in its online gaming platform Origin after security resea... more:

Alibaba will let you find restaurants and order food with voice in a car - Competition in the Chinese internet has for years been about who controls your mobile apps. These da... more: -technologies -carapps

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 details: 8K graphics, ray tracing, SSDs, and PS4 backwards compatibility - We’ve known for a while that Sony is working on its next-generation PlayStation console — call it th... more:

Mozilla executives reflect on how Google web products would often break in Firefox but not Chrome and on other issues perceived as anti-competitive tactics (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet) - Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet:Mozilla executives reflect on how Google web products would often break ... more:

CityFibre loses ASA battle over 'fake fibre' advertising - Judge dismisses firms claims as 'fundamentally flawed' more:

Square Feet: A New Recruitment Tool for Construction: The Joystick - Kraemer Trucking and Excavating in Cold Spring, Minn., in a partnership with Ziegler Cat, brought ... more: (computers) (construction) (commercial)

Moving to a driverless future - The starting point of the vehicle development process is occupant safety. Shifting responsibility fr... more:

Adblock Plus and other ad blockers have a worrying security hole - There’s a serious vulnerability which affects a few popular ad blockers and could potentially allo... more:

PS5 won't arrive this year, and it will play discs - You'll still be using discs to play games on Sony's next games console, and it won't be landing un... more:

Logitech’s latest universal remote gives Alexa the keys to your home theater - This is Logitech's new universal remote, the Ha... more:

Commercial spinoffs of Fujitsu's Post-K super 'puter will hit shelves long before exascale daddy switched on - Arm-based HPC goodness sure to cost an Arm and a leg Folk wanting in on the Arm-based goodness bak... more:

How big data for DNA puts you at risk — even if you’ve never taken a test - The rise of direct-to-consumer DNA tests comes with a host of thorny problems, including how to inte... more:

Star Wars: Master & Apprentice brings us on a fascinating Jedi journey - CNET - Book review: Claudia Gray's novel shines a spotlight on Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi's difficul... more:

Razer Core X Chroma eGPU brings back the rainbow - CNET - Razer's latest external GPU adds all the features that didn't make the cut for last year's Core X,... more:

2020 Cadillac CT5 is a right-sized sedan, debuts at New York Auto Show - Roadshow - Alpha platform and available twin-turbo V6? Color us intrigued. more:

Razer’s new Core X Chroma graphics enclosure offers multicolor lighting and Gigabit Ethernet - Razer is lifting the curtain on the new Core X Chroma, its latest external graphics enclosure (eGPU)... more:

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