4G isn't dead yet: Qualcomm unveils LTE-versions of its midrange Snapdragon chips - CNET - The company late Monday introduced three new 4G processors to tap into markets like India. more: cnet.com/news/4g-isnt-dead-yet

Facebook to create 1,000 jobs in London - The new posts will take the tech giant's total number of employees in Britain to more than 4,000. more: bbc.co.uk/news/business-511843

Meng Wanzhou case: Huawei executive's extradition hearings begin - Meng Wanzhou is fighting an extradition request from the US following her arrest in Canada in 2018... more: bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada

Tencent plans a major update to WeChat and is inviting select users to try out a new short video publishing feature, to counter ByteDance Douyin app's dominance (Zheping Huang/Bloomberg) - Zheping Huang / Bloomberg:Tencent plans a major update to WeChat and is inviting select users to... more: techmeme.com/200121/p1#a200121

Server-side Swift's slow support story sours some: Apple lang tailored for mobile CPUs, lacking in Linux world - Look what you made me Analysis  The Swift programming language has suffered some setbacks in its q... more: go.theregister.co.uk/feed/www.

Destroy My Vegetable Garden? Oh Hail No! - Building and maintaining a garden takes a lot of work. And unless you have a greenhouse, you’re forc... more: hackaday.com/2020/01/20/destro

Hulu February 2020: Everything new coming this month - CNET - Head back to the Nine-Nine with the seventh season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and walk on the... more: cnet.com/news/hulu-february-20

World-record-breaking boffins reveal the fastest spinning thing on Earth – and it's not George Orwell in his grave - Privacy's dead but, hey, we've got nanoparticles spinning at 300 billion RPM. So that's cool The f... more: go.theregister.co.uk/feed/www.

Uber sells its Eats business to Zomato in India - Uber sold Uber Eats, the ride-hailing company’s food delivery arm, to rival Zomato today in India. I... more: thenextweb.com/in/2020/01/21/u

Challenger business bank Qonto raises $115 million round led by Tencent and DST Global - French startup Qonto has raised a $115 million Series C funding round led by Tencent and DST Global.... more: feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcr &exits

Disney embraces (almost) every time the Simpsons poked fun at Disney - CNET - In a new compilation video, Disney welcomes the cartoon's Disney gags -- which it now owns. more: cnet.com/news/disney-embraces-

Star Trek: Picard -- the essential Trek episodes to watch before the new show - CNET - Catch up on these classic moments in Star Trek, The Next Generation and Voyager before Picard beam... more: cnet.com/news/star-trek-picard

Gradient Infill Puts More Plastic Where You Want It - It is always tricky setting the infill for a 3D printed part. High infill parts are strong but tak... more: hackaday.com/2020/01/20/gradie -code

Uber sells food delivery business in India to Zomato - Uber said on Tuesday it has sold its food delivery business, UberEats, in India to local rival Zoma... more: feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcr &exits

Personio, the German HR platform for SMEs, raises $75M Series C at a $500M valuation - Personio, the Germany-founded HR platform for SMEs, has raised $75 million in Series C funding in a ... more: feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcr &exits

Uber has agreed to sell Uber Eats in India to Zomato for 9.99% share in the company; all delivery drivers and basic customer information to be transferred over (New York Times) - New York Times:Uber has agreed to sell Uber Eats in India to Zomato for 9.99% share in the compa... more: techmeme.com/200120/p15#a20012

Self-healing bacteria bricks could help us build on the moon or Mars - CNET - This construction Franken-material's alive -- and it could be a more sustainable solution for buil... more: cnet.com/news/self-healing-bac

A look at Personio, a cloud-based software platform for HR and recruiting, which raised a $75M Series C led by Accel at a ~$500M valuation (William Feuer/CNBC) - William Feuer / CNBC:A look at Personio, a cloud-based software platform for HR and recruiting, ... more: techmeme.com/200120/p14#a20012

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