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Mac users targetted by Lazarus ‘fileless’ Trojan - The Lazarus hacking group are trying to sneak a ‘fileless’ Trojan on to Apple computers, disguised... more:

New ransomware attacks target your NAS devices, backup storage - Ransomware attacks targeting these devices have surged in recent months. more:

Instagram trying to protect kids by getting dates of birth from new users - It's about showing age-appropriate content, it said. Though staying safe from child-privacy lawsui... more: -appropriate

OpenBSD devs patch authentication bypass bug - One of the internet's most popular free operating systems allowed attackers to bypass its authenti... more: #-schallenge

US President Tells NATO Huawei Is a “Security Risk” - US President Donald Trump described Huawei as a “security risk” after NATO officials emphasized the ... more:

FBI: Don’t Forget to Change Your Fridge Password - After discussing a series of security measures for smart TVs, the FBI is back with more tips on how ... more:

CB-K19/1041 - OpenBSD ist ein Unix-artiges Betriebssystem, abgeleitet von BSD-Unix.
Ein lokaler oder entfernter ... more:

FBI recommends that you keep your IoT devices on a separate network - The FBI also recommends changing factory-set (default) passwords and not allowing an IoT device's ... more:

New Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hijack VPN Connections on Most UNIX Systems - Security researcher William J. Tolley has reported a new vulnerability that appears to allow attacke... more:

New vulnerability lets attackers sniff or hijack VPN connections - OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec VPNs are vulnerable to attacks. more:

Ransomware Attack Hits Data Center Provider CyrusOne: Report - Security experts say the incident shows that cybercriminals are using ransomware to hit companies... more:

Facebook sues Chinese malware operator for abusing its ad platform - Facebook sues ILikeAd and two Chinese nationals for using Facebook ads to trick users into downloa... more:

Bitcoin battered: The worst crypto catastrophes of 2019 - Millions in cryptocurrency stolen, exit scams, and countless arrests were made in connection to cr... more:

Apple Explains Mysterious iPhone 11 Location Requests - KrebsOnSecurity ran a story this week that puzzled over Apple‘s response to inquiries about a potent... more:

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