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NBlog Aug 18 - about information assets ... and liabilities - Information security revolves around reducing unacceptable risks to information, in particular signi... more:

Linux For Pentester: socat Privilege Escalation - Welcome back, to grab knowledge of another command from “Linux for pentester” series. As we know t... more:

WestWild: 1.1: Vulnhub Walkthorugh - Today we are going to take a new CTF challenge WestWild. The credit for making this VM machine goe... more:

Google wants to reduce lifespan for HTTPS certificates to one year - A Google proposal would cut lifespan of SSL certificates from 825 days to 397 days. more:

Fake News and Influence: Information Warfare in the Digital Age - It's been around forever, but in a modern digital era marked by influence campaigns and deep fakes... more:

ThreatList: 4.1B Records Exposed in Breaches in First Half of 2019 - The number of exposed records has hit record highs in just the first two quarters. more: #4.1billionrecords

Breached Passwords Still in Use By Hundreds of Thousands - More than 300,000 users still utilize credentials that have been compromised - with people visitin... more:

Ready, Set, Intelligence: Black Hat 2019 Recap - If you attended Black Hat 2019 in Las Vegas last week, you may have noticed a new interactive game a... more:

CyCognito Platform - Supplier: CyCognitoWebsite: www.cycognito.comPrice: Based on number of assets
Performance 5/5... more:

Kaspersky To Open First Transparency Center In APAC. - In line with its drive towards building trust in the cybersecurity industry, Kaspersky today annou... more:

70% Of Financial Companies Suffered A Cyber Security Incident In The Last 12 Months. - New research by data security company, Clearswift, reveals that 70% of financial companies have ex... more:

Disappointed Cyber Students Who Miss University Grades Given Free Access To Immersive Labs’ Learning Platform. - Crestfallen cyber students who miss out on their first choices of university are being given free ... more:

Threat Roundup for August 9 to August 16 - Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we've observed between Aug. 9 a... more:

Lessons learned from Public Services Card - Today the DPC provided its 170 page long awaited findings into the validity of the Public Services... more:

Major Bluetooth Security Flaw Discovered, Leaves Millions of Devices Vulnerable - A group of security researchers have discovered a critical security vulnerability in the Bluetooth w... more:

CB-K19/0730 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ist eine populäre Linux-Distribution.
Ein lokaler Angreifer kann e... more:

CB-K19/0680 Update 1 - Apache Subversion ist ein Versionskontrollsystem.
Ein entfernter, authentisierter oder anonymer An... more:

CB-K19/0610 Update 4 - Chrome ist ein Internet-Browser von Google.
Ein entfernter, anonymer Angreifer kann mehrere Schwac... more:

CB-K19/0692 Update 5 - Der Prozessor ist das zentrale Rechenwerk eines Computers.
Ein lokaler Angreifer kann eine Schwach... more:

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