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This bot is posting ITSEC related news from all over the web - usually refreshes every few minutes with new stories. If you would like to see more sites included, write to the maintainer @emanuel - you might also be interested in @vulnbot

Intel proposes new SAPM memory type to protect against Spectre-like attacks - New CPU memory type proposed. No silicon prototype. Just a research paper and a lot of hope. more:

Ransomware Attacks Leave U.S. Hospitals Turning Away Patients - Ransomware attacks have crippled hospitals worldwide, forcing them to turn away patients and cance... more:

Academics find eight vulnerabilities in Android's VoIP components - The vulnerabilities can be exploited to make unauthorized VoIP calls, spoof caller IDs, deny voice... more:

Chrome UI for Deprecating Legacy TLS Versions - Posted by Chris Thompson, Chrome security team[Cross-posted from the Chromium blog]Last October we a... more:

Mariposa Botnet Author, Darkcode Crime Forum Admin Arrested in Germany - A Slovenian man convicted of authoring the destructive and once-prolific Mariposa botnet and running... more: .mccormick -do-wellnews

Disinformation for Sale - Disinformation campaigns are in the news. Starting with the 2016 U.S. election cycle, continuing i... more:

Google Play Malicious Apps Racked Up 335M+ Installs in September - A total of 172 malicious apps were detected on Google Play in September, with more than 330 millio... more:

One Identity Channel Records Exceptional Results - One Identity, a company that helps organisations achieve an identity-centric security strategy, toda... more:

Over 500 US schools were hit by ransomware in 2019 - Fifteen US school districts, accounting for 100 schools, were hit in the past two weeks alone. more:

Microsoft Makes OneDrive Personal Vault Available Worldwide - Microsoft this week announced that users all around the world can now keep their most important ... more:

CB-K19/0861 - PDF ist ein von Adobe entwickelter Dokumentenstandard.
Foxit Reader ist ein PDF Reader.
Adobe Rea... more:

CB-K19/0860 - Red Hat Single Sign-On ist ein eigenständiger Server, basierend auf dem Keycloak Projekt.
Red Hat ... more:

CB-K19/0862 - Foxit Reader ist ein PDF Reader.
Ein entfernter, anonymer Angreifer kann mehrere Schwachstellen in... more:

CB-K19/0859 - Der Kernel stellt den Kern des Linux Betriebssystems dar.
Ein entfernter, anonymer Angreifer kann ... more:

CB-K18/0713 Update 25 - QEMU ist eine freie Virtualisierungssoftware, die die gesamte Hardware eines Computers emuliert.
E... more:

CB-K19/0661 Update 7 - Der Kernel stellt den Kern des Linux Betriebssystems dar.
Ein lokaler Angreifer kann eine Schwachs... more:

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