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Hello Fediverse. This is the official microblogging account for the RetroChecker iOS app - the ultimate retro video game collector app. More than 70 supported platforms, 38000+ games with current prices and a image based game collection scanner function allow effortless valuation of your retro treasures. Also: Works offline, minimum tracking, no snooping on your personal data / collection / favorites at all - all stays on device and is exportable.
Written with love by @emanuel

RetroChecker 2.1 is out on the iOS AppStore now, make sure to grab this update - many usability improvements, new layout on Product Detail pages - especially useful on small screens. Video Preview:

Btw if you want to back up your Retrochecker collection, just copy theRetrochecker folder in your iOS Files App. Simply paste it back to restore your data

Retrochecker v2 has finally made it and is now available on the iOS App Store. To celebrate this major release, the App will remain FREE until Friday.

finally, after a year, the long-awaited Retrochecker 2.0 release is imminent. more than 55000 games now included!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I am preparing a major update which will add a lot of new features, including landscape mode. Stay tuned for more information.

...and the update is out - go get it! As a special surprise, RetroChecker is available for FREE for a limited time.

Also, for a limited time, RetroChecker iOS will be available for FREE on the iOS App Store, so rush and get it.

Now in Appstore Review, out soon - RetroChecker 1.42 adds tons of cool new features in this release! Added a filter button to the Platform views that allows to reduce the Platform Game List to show only collected items. Added automatic horizontal scrolling for very long game titles. Added ability to enter "box-only" or "manual-only" items into the collection. Also integrated various other optimisations and runtime performance improvements (at the expense of a slightly slower initial start-up).

The next release of RetroChecker will include a filter function within the Platform views, so you can show only games that you own for a specific system. Also, a rare crash bug that occurs ONLY for displaying Advanced Daisenryaku (JP DC) will be fixed. Watch out for a release of v1.41 later this week.

...and another RetroChecker release update incoming. V1.40 adds grouping to the Platform, Favorites and Collection views. Browse your games by Name, Console, Genre, Release Year or Value. v1.40 is in App Store review and will release shortly.

Submitted new release 1.34 to the App Store, expect it out soon. New: The favorites tab now highlights items that you have in your collection. See which of your favourites you own, at a glance! As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Update 1.33 is now waiting for Apple review and will hopefully release shortly.

Slight delay to this release as I need to investigate another bug. Will update here once the release is ready

The next version of RetroChecker features a fix for a rare crash bug when displaying large collections, and adds Youtube video search for all games. App v1.32 is now in App review and should release shortly. Enjoy!

the next update of the RetroChecker app is coming soon, the database now includes more than 700 new items, resulting in a total of 39435 items.

Update version 1.3 - which fixes a startup crash problem - is now in the Apple Review process and hopefully will be released in the next 24 hours.

v1.2 is out. Adds Price trending, better spine recognition in RetroLens, and 1000+ additional games into the catalog. Get it FREE here, or search AppStore fore "RetroChecker":

and here is another example of RetroLens in Action, this time for PAL PlayStation2 games.

Here you can find a quick demo of RetroChecker 1.2's RetroLens function - Scan hundreds of games in a snap, and find hidden gems in no time!

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