Getting the new Megadrive MegaSD set up and running. Stunning artwork by Alien^PDX

Also facing a sprite garbling issue. Likely needs replacement capacitors.

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Seems like the problem is with the micro switch inside the pen. Getting the pen to open means removing a 30yr old sticker. Heatgun helps here.

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Holiday console hardware repair. Today: Sega Pico with broken lightpen button. Not sure what’s wrong yet.

Holiday means hardware repair. These two rotten, dirty Atari 5200 controllers. None of the buttons work, like corrosion. Followup shortly.

Rare moment when I have time to play some games. Fire Emblem Gaiden NES EN translated version on a Twin famicom. Impressive graphics, recommended!

Gotta love the NUC Hades Canyon. For larger backup/file distribution, I have currently connected: 2*2TB NVMe internal , 1*2TB external, 1TB SSD and 17TB in 4 external HDDs. Total storage: 24TB - crazy when you think about it. It all just works, too. I can very much recommend this model to run Linux on.

"Holzhammermethode" - managed to rescue data off a failing NVMe in my server with a massive hammer (it helped to cool it to allow getting the data off the drive) 😀

This made me laugh. Glimpsed at the original 1981 Wolfenstein on Apple2. In first screen, kill 2 guards, gain SCHNAPS and BRATWURST! :-D

All fixed. Almost 10 years in, it is still the most gorgeous Mac. Replacing thermal paste helped temperature, too.

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Hardware repairs again this weekend. This MacBook Pro 17 with quad core i7 and matte display from 2011. Suffered from the usual GPU problem. Cleaned out, heatgunned the GPU, new thermal paste, its now like new again, and fans are quiet. I love this machine.

My LaserActive needs attention again... it truly is the monster truck of video game consoles.

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