This new addition to the retro game console collection. Original 1990 Nintendo Tetris Watch game in working condition.

I don’t do this a lot but here is a selfie to promote the 2021 Revision demoparty Shirt

For no particular reason. A mess of tooling from recent projects. (Console / child toy repair mostly)

Book tip (attention: 12yr old title) „Coders at work“ - Fascinating interview series with UNIX, Netscape, Java, LISP key programmers.

Another curious item. Definitely the smallest memory card (ever?) - 2Kilobytes! (Neogeo AES)

special controller checkup this weekend. Featuring this PS2 specific USB Densha de Go Shinkansen controller. The only one in the Series with LED Displays. Perfect party game when everyone is drunk already ;-)

More special controllers I have unearthed again to play with my daughter - the incredible Samba de Amigo for Sega Dreamcast by Sonic Team.

A fairly uncommon item here that I wanted for a long time: „Justifier“ Mega Drive Lightgun by Konami bundled with SegaCD game „Lethal Enforcers“. Game Box is almost perfect :-) cannot wait to try it now.

PSA - upgraded my Searx instance to latest 0.18 - includes activated Mortyproxy for surfing to results with more privacy / reading sanity: enjoy, and don't vandalize please.

Hmmm Outrun2 Xbox with System Link. If only I were allowed to invite people. :-(

Got this Baby for free from a colleague at work. Retro beauty from 2004, 1.8Ghz single proc dual core PPC. 10.5 Leopard works fine. Just attempted a MorphOS install and for the first time, fans kicked in at full speed. Amazingly loud and powerful, good fun and Stunning kit this. So far, I am whitescreening with MorphOS. May play more with it soon.

Et voila 2TB on original softmodded XBox. Needs a SATA/IDE Adapter though. Mind you this is 19yr old hardware :-) you cannot go much beyond 2TB so these are now maxed out.

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Cause one modded XBox is not good enough for LAN multiplayer, upgrading my second one also to 2TB. Yum yum Outrun 2006 coast to coast multiplayer.

The advancement of technology is such a blessing for Retro Game Preservation. Just completed a HDD upgrade to a whopping 2.2TB on my original Xbox, using an IDE to SATA adapter. Now importing my collection into the softmodded machine.

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