Nerd life. Batteries are held in place by bird sh*t. I have one of those for AA , too.

There is something distinctively relaxing playing Gameboy games on a Sunday in direct sunlight. Better than most other - F1 Race, on Gameboy Light, on some North Sea dyke.

Gameboy Light (with light turned off) has a pretty crisp contrast in direct sunlight. Unfortunately the smartphone camera is not able to sync to the refresh of the screen, so please ignore faded parts.

Today: onboarding of a Atari Falcon TT030 to the collection. I have two in total now. This is the more pretty one, but the other is a TT030/4 - Initial function testing and cleaning next.

I have many fond memories of my original social network - Bulletin Board Systems - so, i am delighted to discover that some are still going strong 30 years after (and running on original software like AmiExpress) - all you need is a telnet client - - See you on the Amiga Underground BBS , i will attempt to log in with style from the Amiga 1200 here :-)

And the upgrade worked. Fitted the RAM expansion and SSF2 works. Shockingly awesome! Mad props to Caius!

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Rarity alert: My FM-Towns Marty 2MB -> 4MB Memory expansion arrived today. Thrilled to have received one from the very first reproduction batch (20 manufactured in total so far). The module was never released commercially and Caius reproduced it faithfully from a 1993 prototype. It will make the Marty run some games previously unplayable, like Super Street Fighter II.

Retro gaming collector dilemma on a Friday evening. Fix broken consoles from the repair stack, or just play one that works? Or better do things on the Amigas?

…and the Amiga grey color wireless Tank Mouse also found it’s place :-)

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I can recommend the reproduction optical “Tank mouse”. It works flawlessly on my Amiga 1200. Never had a better mouse in it.

Amiga replacement mice “Tank mouse” in Amiga grey and black, including DB9 adapters to run on real hardware.

"the unreasonably long toilet tunnel" - The easter party - Revision Demoparty 2023,

Only Amiga makes it possible. It has been a looong time since I last had an Amiga online. Happy retrocomputing !

Photo from Revision Party 2023 “the morning after”, with big screen showing BaaS (Belgians as a Service)

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