Yay it still works internally. Sound gets generated (measured at amp input line) and MIDI also operates as it should. Fault is in the amp.

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Sunday repair challenge - a broken Yamaha NP-30 piano that stopped producing any sounds, amp seems ok, speakers pop when turning off, too. Voltages to the logic board look good. Digging deeper with the oscilloscope…

Oh no! My Pioneer Laseractive died today. Short buzz / bang inside, smoke et all, no more picture, still not sure which of the low voltage boards is affected. I hope I can fix it. If you know anyone that could help to bring it back to life, please DM me. Would even travel with it to get it fixed.

The RetroHQ Jaguar Gamedrive is recommendable, does what it claims. High price point is understandable due to low volume production. But oh my many of these games are horrible :-)

Pushed Retrochecker v2 into Appstore review just now. Let's hope it will launch shortly. Hundreds of improvements. I think my app is the best retro collector app full stop. :-)
More info: @retrochecker Btw, it works OFFLINE and does NO tracking. You can even turn off image loading and other online features. Core functions still work in flight mode.

System checkups / battery conditioning on the weekend. This Nokia ngage running Call of Duty :-). I feel like using this as a phone for a week. Good old times.

After a very long time, I will finally be able to push a major @retrochecker update. Hundreds of improvements have been made. No tracking! All the basic functionality works offline. Hopefully launching in the next days!

Video Game tip - Shantae - half genie hero by Wayforward. Incredible production values, one of the best side scrollers on WiiU. Great playing with the family, amazing soundtrack

How different view points change the picture. Just a little fun bit for a grey morning.

This new addition to the retro game console collection. Original 1990 Nintendo Tetris Watch game in working condition.

I don’t do this a lot but here is a selfie to promote the 2021 Revision demoparty Shirt

For no particular reason. A mess of tooling from recent projects. (Console / child toy repair mostly)

Book tip (attention: 12yr old title) „Coders at work“ - Fascinating interview series with UNIX, Netscape, Java, LISP key programmers.

Another curious item. Definitely the smallest memory card (ever?) - 2Kilobytes! (Neogeo AES)

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